Phil Alcock

BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins, 2018

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Gallery 1 ..England...this blessed plot

Floor 1 i Click on the individual works below for details (not to scale)the individual works below for details (not to scale)

bronze Maggie




He Walked Alone
He Served His Country
Long to reign over us
Final Surrender
Choice Wealth Creators Domine Nos Dirige Trooping the colour Sovereignty Insatiate Cormorant
City dicks Black is White Not Everybody Will Hey Wayne Tatler horseshit Merrygoround

Floor 2

This Happy Breed Subject
The Square Mile
The State We're In
Morally Sterile
Stonehenge Sold Off Scrap trident Mediocrity Bedroom A Better Life Tomato Lorry
The Heights Bar Britain is Full Up A Boy Launches a Boat Life Class I Was A Man England's Glory
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